Some of the feedback I have received from my clients:

“Hi Tonia. Just to tell you that my shoulder muscle has released. I’m so pleased! Thank you so much for your help”

Remedial Massage client suffering from long term shoulder problems


“I find that I climb a lot better following a Remedial Massage Treatment. If I were to win the lottery, Tonia would definitely be part of my retinue!”

Mike, Remedial Massage Client


“I am generally quite an anxious person and I find it hard to relax. I really look forward to my treatments as I find I can actually switch off and I am left feeling calm and relaxed. Members of my family have commented that I seem less anxious - they’re wondering what my secret is!”

Sue Riley, Massage client


“I certainly enjoyed your relaxing treatment, and meeting you - I just wish you were nearer for regular sessions when necessary”

Remedial Massage client. Norwich


“I really look forward to, and appreciate, Tonia’s treatments. Well worth every penny”

Shelley, Remedial Massage client


“I book myself in for a massage with Tonia whenever she comes into our office - she really knows her stuff! She applies just the right amount of pressure and seeks out and destroys all those knotty bits that build up over the course of a stressful week. I feel physically lighter and mentally more positive after a session. Definitely the best massages I've ever had - I would recommend her to anyone”

Lisa, Watt Gilchrist, Leeds

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